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Planet Placement Quick Reference Guide

Sun: Commonly referred to as your "Sun Sign" "Star Sign" "Zodiac Sign" etc. Usually the most powerful influence over your personality (there are exceptions). It shows you as a whole, the general picture of what you represent, how others see you, your energy, and your individuality.
Moon: Your hidden side, your emotions and feelings, animalistic instincts, your dreams, memory, how others feel about you, and it's importance is second only to your Sun placement.
Ascendant: Also known as the "Rising Sign." How other people see you. The impression you make on others, and how you are most comfortable presenting yourself to the world. Showcases your outward actions, and behavior.
Mercury: How you communicate and participate in conversations, how you think, what you are naturally talented at, your mental activity, memory, and how you perceive the world to be. This placement influences how you speak and even your sense of humor.
Venus: This shows what kind of people you are attracted to. How you view and participate in a relationship. This shows how you attract others, and your relation to sex. This placement also influences your creative talents and if you are easy to get along with.
Mars: This placement showcases how your physical energy is expressed. How you enjoy spending your time, your sex drive, your aggression, and the meaning and emotion behind your actions. The boldness of your personality and your willpower are also represented here.
Jupiter: Represents good luck, optimism, success, and the joy of life in your chart. How you react to new experiences, how fortunate you are, and how you view the world on a philosophical level. And also, how you attract money.
Saturn: This shows areas of your life where you learn and require responsibility, working hard for what you want, your approach to obstacles, and how self-disciplined you are. Also represents self-control, limitations, patience, and maturity.
Uranus: This planet represents change, unique capabilities, and the element of surprise in your chart. Brings unexpected opportunities and second chances. Your natural talent in the arts and sciences. Your unconventional side, and your quirks and interests related to that. This placement will showcase your individuality, and bring forth unusual people or circumstances you attract. It can also let you know if there are genius tendencies.
Neptune: Represents illusion, mystery, imagination, and compassion for others. Your spiritual side, dreams, visions, allure, creativity and that ethereal quality in your life. Your deepest fantasies and if you get caught up in that or not.
Pluto: Pluto has a lot of power, but it's ways in which it influences a person's chart goes beyond the surface definition. Brings about change, transformation, and the mystical side of life and death in a person's chart. Because Pluto tends to move slowly, it is especially important to understand what House your Pluto resides in. It influences humanity, and destroys and creates at the same time. It will show if you rise to great heights, dramatic changes in your life, deaths that impact you, and uncovering the past to make way for tomorrow. There is still much to learn about Pluto's influence on a chart.
Midheaven: Your approach to chasing your goals, and career. It shows how you are when taking the lead (or if you don't), your natural capabilities and talents, and how you feel most useful.
Descendant: This is the opposite sign of your Ascendant. It naturally rules over the 7th House and will show you what sign you are most naturally drawn to. When life feels out of control or out of balance, you should adopt the positive qualities of your Descendant to obtain inner peace.
South Node: The natural talents, abilities, and personality traits you enter this life with. It can hold you back if you refuse to grow and move beyond what you already possess. It is also said to represent your past life.
North Node: Your destiny. The qualities you need to embrace to become who you need to be. This forces you to grow, to learn, and to achieve. Once you are able to pursue your North Node and embrace those qualities, will you be able to blend your South and North Node qualities to create wholeness.